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Sailing for Scouts

The Glenmore Sailing Club is excited to partner with Scouts Canada to help youth earn sailing badges as part of The Canadian Path.

Experience Sailing.
Experience not necessary.

The Glenmore Sailing Club has been teaching youth sailing skills for decades. Courses are taught using the Optimist sailboat (above photo) and the Laser sailboat (for older youth).

There are two ways Scouts can go sailing:

  1. Youth Introduction to Sailing
    3 hour course ($30)
  2. Youth Summer Sailing Camps
    Week long camps, half-day ($235) or full-day ($385)
    Scouts and Girl Guides receive $30 registering for summer sailing camps will receive a $30 discount off their registration

Scouts Sailing Program 2018

Youth Introduction to Sailing
Youth Introduction to Sailing
    Youth Introduction to Sailing  
    Youth Summer Sailing Camps
Youth Summer Sailing Camps    
      Scouting Coastal Sailing Trip
        Scouting Regatta

Scouters and Parents
Here's what you need to know before, and while, the kids are sailing with us.

Youth Introduction to Sailing - Spring

This 3 hour course, during May and June, is a good place to start. This course is offered four times per week and includes theory and a minimum of 1 hour of sailing.

  • Tuesday evening, or
  • Thursday evening, or
  • Saturday morning, or
  • Saturday afternoon, or 
  • Sunday morning, or
  • Sunday afternoon

Youth Introduction to Sailing - Fall
In the fall, this course is offered four times per week and includes theory and a minimum of 1 hour of sailing.

  • Saturday morning, or
  • Saturday afternoon, or 
  • Sunday morning, or
  • Sunday afternoon

Youth Summer Sailing Camps
The sailing camps (Monday to Friday, every week during July and August) teach fundamental sailing skills on land and water in a fun, safe week-long camp.

Scouting Coastal Sailing Trip (advanced)
Venturers and Rovers who have taken sailing courses through the Glenmore Sailing Club; participated on the youth race team; and/or regularly participated in the Wednesday Night Racing; or have sailing experience can participate in a Scouting Coastal Sailing Trip to sail in/around the Gulf Islands in British Columbia. (fees applicable)

Scouting Regatta
Scouts having participated in a Youth Summer Sailing Camp can finish their season with a one-day regatta on Saturday September 8, 2018. The regatta would be a round-robin style event with sailors taking turns in the boats throughout the day. On-the-water sailing would be supplemented by on-shore events to keep youth engaged during the day. (fees applicable)

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    Youth Summer Sailing Camps (detail)
    The nine Scouting sailing badges are based on Sail Canada's sailing education program. The Glenmore Sailing Club has taught these courses for decades with Sail Canada certified instructors.
    Scout Sailing Badge Achieve this badge through the Glenmore Sailing Club
    Stage 1 Youth Introduction to Sailing (all ages)
    (3-hour course)
    Stage 2
    Youth Summer Sailing Camp (ages 5-7)
    (half-day course from Monday - Friday, offered in both the mornings and afternoons)
    Stage 3
    Youth Summer Sailing Camp (ages 8-13)
    (full days Monday - Friday)
    Stage 4
    Youth Summer Sailing Camp (ages 8-13)
    (full days Monday - Friday builds on the skills of CANSail 1)
    Stage 5
    Youth Summer Sailing Camp (ages 9-14)
    (full days Monday - Friday builds on the skills of CANSail 2)
    Stage 6

    Stage 7

    Stage 8

    Stage 9

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      Frequently Asked Questions
      Has the Glenmore Sailing Club signed the Scouts Canada Indemnification Agreement?
      • Yes
      Do we need a membership at the sailing club to take sailing courses?
      • No
      What is the ratio of youth to sailing instructors?
      • 1 instructor / Assistant Instructor / Club volunteer for every 9 participants
      How safe is sailing?
      • Very. The Optimist sailboats we use to teach new sailors are stable and easy to sail.
      • The Sailing Club has a coach / safety boat providing instruction and ensuring youth are safe while on the water.
      • The City of Calgary Boat Patrol is out on the Glenmore Reservoir and can provide safety assistance if required.
      • Statement of Risk and Waiver for sailing.
      Does my child need to be able to swim to go sailing?
      • No. PFD's are mandatory (City of Calgary Bylaw) when anyone is on the Glenmore Reservoir. Comfort around the water is helpful.
      Are there any required prerequisites before going sailing?
      • Not for the Level 1 course. However, youth have two in-the-water skills - jump in chest-deep water wearing a PFD and blow bubbles in the water for 10 seconds. These need to be achieved in a pool or other body of water as there is no swimming in the Glenmore Reservoir.
      How many youth can participate in one Scouting lesson session at a time?
      • 18 to 24
      • The Optimist sailboat can safely carry two youth at a time. There are two controls (rudder and main sail) and the youth take turns steering and controlling the sail.
      • After about age 8 or 9, youth would typically go out in the Optimists individually.

      Can youth take more than one camp in one summer?

      • Yes. Some youth take multiple camps over the summer.

      GSC Blog

      News, Program information, member accomplishments.

      Read the Blog.

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      Youth Sailing Camps

      Fun, safe and affordable sailing lessons.
      We offer Sail Canada accredited CANSail learn to sail courses taught by Sail Canada accredited instructors.

      Register now!

      Sailing for Scouts
      Details and Registration.

      Register your group for a three-hour "Introduction to Sailing" course. Scouts earn their Level 1 sailing badge through this course.

      Warrior Sailing

      Register now for a free three-day learn to sail camp. Open to Active Military and Veterans.

      Collegiate Sailing
      GSC is actively supporting university students building student sailing clubs. Join other students in establishing Post-Secondary Sailing Clubs in Calgary.

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      Thank you for the Amateur Sport Grant to purchase boats and equipment for our youth sailing program. 

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