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Collegiate Sailing

Calgary's student run competitive & recreational sailing clubs have the support, education and mentorship of the Glenmore Sailing Club.

Experience Sailing.
Experience not necessary.

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I am interested in Collegiate Sailing!

Collegiate Sailing Training
  • Theory in the off-season (January through April) will cover: racing rules, the pre-start, starting, sailing upwind, sailing downwind, mark roundings
  • On the water
    • Dedicated coached sailing sessions and debriefing,
    • Participation in Wednesday Night Series, and
    • Participation in regattas.

Other Sailing Opportunities

  • Recreational sailing in Calgary.
  • Coastal Keelboat Trip - Finish the summer sailing season with a trip to the BC coast / Gulf Islands before returning to school for the fall semester.
  • Iceboating! Sailing in Alberta does not end when the water freezes. We have a connection with the Ghost Lake Iceboating Club. Get out on a Iceboat and glide over the ice at up to 100km/hr.

I am interested in Collegiate Sailing!


How long has collegiate sailing been around in Canada?

What is the cost of joining a collegiate sailing club?

  • Clubs are hoping to keep costs low, so the club remains accessible, each club will set their own membership fee (plan for under $150). There are costs and there will be fundraising.

Do I need to know how to sail?

  • Experience not necessary.

Why is there a focus on racing?

  • Because it is fun and because it condenses learning... the skills required to sail recreationally and for sport are the same.
Will the boats capsize? Is sailing safe?
  • Sailing is safe. Dinghies can capsize, and they can easily be righted. It can be a surprise the first time it happens, but it is definitely not scary.

What boats will we be sailing?

  • The standard boat for collegiate sailing in North America is the 420, which is sailed by two people.
  • While the clubs are getting established, if you go racing on someone else's boat for Wednesday Night Racing or a regatta, it's likely to be a Fireball (dinghy) or a SanJuan 21 (keelboat).

I am interested in Collegiate Sailing!

Club Location:
8601 24 St SW
(South Glenmore Park) - view map

Our facility is fully wheelchair accessible, including showers in the change rooms.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 72107, Glenmore Landing PO
Calgary, Alberta T2V 5H9

Phone: (403) 238-2044

Building and  Maintenance Issues:
Call (403) 803-8201 or email us

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A favourite local weather site... wx.ca

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Racing fleets at the club:
SanJuan 21s (website and Facebook)
Fireballs (Fireball Alberta)
Member of:
Sail Canada and the Alberta Sailing Association

Thank you for the Amateur Sport Grant to purchase boats and equipment for our youth sailing program.