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Clean, Drain, Dry

Removing organic material from your boat and trailer is essential to help limit the spread of invasive aquatic species.
  • For recreational groups and individuals, the current best practice to prevent the spread of invasive aquatic species is… Clean, Drain, Dry.
  • Clean all of the organics (weeds) and mud at the site where you have been sailing. Don’t leave the lake and clean your boat at home or at the next body of water.
  • Drain all water from inside your boat. Pull the plug and empty the hull.
  • Dry your boat for 24 hours before putting into another body of water
  • If you are washing anything at home from your boat, do so on the grass where water can drain into the grass v/s going into a storm drain in the street.
Boat Decontamination Protocols that don’t need to be used at the moment
  • QUAT may damage a boat’s fiberglass unless the chemical is thoroughly rinsed from the boat
  • High temperature water is also not required.


  • Clean and inspect watercraft, trailer and gear.
  • Remove all mud, sand, and plant materials before leaving the shore.
  • Rinse, scrub or pressure wash your boat prior to transporting to another lake (and always away from storm drains, ditches or waterways).


On land, before leaving the water body, drain all water from the hull and cockpit of the boat.


  • Dry the watercraft and gear completely between trips and allow wet areas of your boat to air dry.
  • Leave compartments open and sponge out standing water.

In Alberta the law requires you to remove the drain plug while transporting your watercraft.

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