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Establishing the largest sailing school in Canada (it still is), a bullet hole through the Commodore's sailboat, creating the Disabled Sailing Association of Alberta and an Alberta Supreme Court Case... these are just some of the Club's notable historical moments.

The Club's focus continues to be giving people the opportunity to experience sailing.

Our four pillars - Education, Recreation, Social Events and Racing - come from our multi-decade history of engaging the community in the recreation and sport of sailing.

Amongst our membership are many nationally and internationally recognized and trophies sailors.

The construction of the Glenmore Dam on the Elbow River and and earthen dam at the valley's eastern outlet established the Glenmore Reservoir and gave future sailors the body of water we enjoy sailing on.

1958 - after years of discussions charter members paid their $100 membership and the Glenmore Sailing Yacht was about to become a reality.

1959 - Club registration with Province of Alberta official on May 13, 1959. First full season of racing at the club. The Club originally focused on education, building infrastructure to support sailing (docks, a Club building, road access), rental boats, recreation and racing activities.

1959 was a busy year. May 25th, City Council approved a lease for 7.6 acres in North Glenmore Park (just south of the present Canoe Club). Significant objection to public land being leased to "elitist yachties" led to the Commodore's boat being holed by a rifle bullet. A judicial inquiry was held and the lease agreement was disallowed. An appeal of this decision was heard by the Supreme Court of Alberta. The decision to disallow the lease was upheld. 

Over the next decade, club meetings were held in member's homes or other social clubs in Calgary.

1963 - Club sends a couple members to an instructor seminar in Montreal in preparation for discussions with the City of Calgary Parks and Recreation Department about the formation of a sailing school.

1964 - The Club starts the Calgary Junior Sailing School. 153 of 160 student spaces filled in this first year of the school.

1966 - new burgee design with bucking horse adopted by Club. This replaced the blue, gold and silver GYC burgees.

1968 - lease for Club building granted by City Of Calgary Council.

1969 - The construction of a Clubhouse gives the sailing club a permanent home in South Glenmore Park.

1972 - The Club enters discussions with the City of Calgary to purchase the assets of the Junior Sailing School. Since it's first year of operation student numbers grew six fold and the Club's volunteers decided that the continued management / operation was not in the best interests of the students.

1973 - City of Calgary assumes full operations of the Glenmore Sailing School, still the largest sailing school in Canada.

1973 & 1974 - Club created and ran the Calgary Racing Sailing School .

1975 & 1975 - Club created and ran the Prairie Mobile Sailing School.

1993 - The Club was renamed the Glenmore Sailing Club (this change was first proposed unsuccessfully in 1966 to the members). This name change set the long term refocus on being a more inclusive community organization.

1994 - Sailing for Persons with Disabilities program run. A Sunbird sailboat was borrowed from the Disabled Sailing Association of British Columbia for the pilot. Today the Disabled Sailing Association of Alberta continues to offer programs for individuals and groups within the PWD community.  Many of the individuals who initiated the DSAA 25 years ago have passed away and we are pleased that a new crew of individuals continue to run an organization that adds to the quality of life for so many people.

1999 - Club building renovated to improve its accessibility as the Disabled Sailing Association of Alberta was running their programs out of the club.

2010 - Club renovated to further modernize the classic sailing club building.

2017 - Work started for the Club's 60th anniversary year in 2019. Research of best-practice programs, partnerships and more.

2018 - Water level drastically lowered for needed repair work on Glenmore Dam. Dinghy operations moved to east end of lake for the season.

2019 - 60th anniversary of the Glenmore Sailing Club. Club re-launches itself as a community sailing club with four pillar focus areas: Education, Recreation, Social Events and Racing. Club launches new programs and partnerships including Scout Canada Sailing Program (577 kids participated during this first season) ; Girl Guides Sailing Program; Mobile Sailing School; Women, Wind and Wine; Keelboat Education; Co-op Boat Program. The focus is to give Calgarians the opportunity to experience sailing.


The Glenmore Sailing Club is Alberta's most active sailing club. The Club's building on the southern shore in South Glenmore Park serves as the home of sailing in Calgary.

Club Location:
8601 24 St SW, Calgary, AB T2V 5H9
(South Glenmore Park) - view map

The Club is fully wheelchair accessible.

Mailing Address:
Box 72107, Glenmore Landing PO
Calgary, Alberta T2V 5H9

Phone: (403) 238-2044

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