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We are an inclusive sailing club supporting all aspects of sailing...
Education, Recreation, Racing and Social Events. 

Family Memberships are for households where two or more members of one family participate in the Club's activities. Members of one family shall mean husband, wife, common-law and children under 18 years of age or under 25 years of age who are engaged in full time studies.

Individual Memberships are for people who are the only sailor in a household participating in the Club's activities.

Youth and Student Memberships are for
* youth under the age of 18 who are not part of a Family Membership
* individuals 18 years of age and older who are engaged in full-time studies.

Social Memberships are for people not actively sailing at the club and who want to stay connected with the social and educational activities at the club.

Membership Type Family Individual Youth / Student Social
Annual Membership Rate
(these rates are half the regular price for the 2018 season)
(the rate for all new memberships are pro-rated after July 1 each year) 
Volunteer Bond

Sail Canada and Alberta Sailing Association membership
$28 per active sailor $28 $28
Wednesday Night Racing,
Fall Sunday Series,

(note 1)
Education Events

Social Events
Club Boat Usage (annual fee)  
Club Building Access Card (2)
Vote at Annual, General or Special Meetings (2)

Eligible for Board Positions

Note 1 - People on the Pickup Crew List who have crewed three times shall join the Club as a Social Membership to remain on the Pickup Crew List. After sailing six times as part of the Pickup Crew List, an Individual membership is required. 

Sail Canada and Alberta Sailing Association membership

There are benefits to both you as an individual and to the Club to being part of the provincial and national network of sailing associations.
  • The Club can participate in the boat donation program (and we have received five donated boats in the first 8 months of the program)
  • Financial assistance program participation
  • Insurance discounts for members
  • Access to educational materials (CANSail / Start Keelboat Sailing)
  • Nationally accredited instructor training programs
  • Able to use Racing Rules of Sailing (read this for clarification If the RRS do not apply, the International Regulations for ¬≠Preventing Collisions at Sea govern races. The rights and obligations of boats under the IRPCAS are vastly different from the rights and obligations under the RRS.)

Volunteer Bond
The Volunteer Bond is a refundable amount based on a member's volunteer contribution to the Club. This approach recognizes the volunteer contributions that run the club and allows the Club to hire services to fill gaps if needed. Volunteer opportunities include:
  • Spring & Fall Clean-up and Seasonal preparation
  • Regattas
  • Wednesday Night Race Committee
  • Sunday Afternoon Series Race Committee
  • Hosting a Friday Social (volunteer as bartender / burger flipper)
  • Annual Awards Banquet
  • Working Group / Committee participation
  • and, there are many other options in the Member's Area of the website.

Members receive a $25 credit per volunteer contribution. This credit can be applied towards next year's membership dues.

If you have any questions about membership at the Glenmore Sailing Club, please contact our Membership Coordinator

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News, Program information, member accomplishments.

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Youth Sailing Camps

Fun, safe and affordable sailing lessons.
We offer Sail Canada accredited CANSail learn to sail courses taught by Sail Canada accredited instructors.

Register now!

Sailing for Scouts
Details and Registration.

Register your group for a three-hour "Introduction to Sailing" course. Scouts earn their Level 1 sailing badge through this course.

Warrior Sailing

Register now for a free three-day learn to sail camp. Open to Active Military and Veterans.

Collegiate Sailing
GSC is actively supporting university students building student sailing clubs. Join other students in establishing Post-Secondary Sailing Clubs in Calgary.

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Club Location:
8601 24 St SW
(South Glenmore Park) - view map

Our facility is fully wheelchair accessible, including showers in the change rooms.

Mailing Address:
Box 72107, Glenmore Landing PO
Calgary, Alberta T2V 5H9

Phone: (403) 238-2044

Building / Maintenance Issues:
Call (403) 803-8201 or email us

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Racing fleets at the club:
SanJuan 21s (website and Facebook)
Fireballs (Fireball Alberta)

Thank you for the Amateur Sport Grant to purchase boats and equipment for our youth sailing program. 

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