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Warrior Sailing

Sailing is for the adventurous. 
Sailing is for those who like being part of a team.
Sailing is for those who like the feelings of freedom and possibility.

Warrior Sailing is being brought to western Canad by the Glenmore Sailing Club, Alberta's largest and most active sailing club and the Disabled Sailing Association of Alberta. This is one of the first events of the Glenmore Sailing Club's (GSC) 60th anniversary year.

Teamwork, unit cohesion, fun.

Learn to crew and helm a sailboat.

Warrior Sailing ~ Basic Training Camp ~ May 28, 29 and 30, 2019

Basic Training Camp is an intense 3-day course where you will be taught how to manage a sailboat on the water. It’s about teamwork, self-reliance and fun. 

Participants of all ages, gender and abilities are welcome to participate.

Through classroom sessions, on-the-water sessions, debriefings and racing... the concepts and practices to be a successful sailor are learned and applied. 

Questions? Call 403-560-3532.

I am ready to participate in the Warrior Sailing Basic Training Camp

What is the cost of the Basic Training camp?

  • Free. There is no cost for active military and veterans. We provide qualified coaches and instructors, the training facility, all the equipment, sailboats, and meals.

I want to sail, but I'm not available all three days of the Basic Training Camp, May 28, 29 and 30, 2019.

  • Camp is three days. 
  • If you are not available can't make all three days, there will be more Basic Training Camps. Join us when you have the time.

Can I bring my dog?

  • Service animals are accepted at the Basic Training Camp. Dogs are not allowed onboard boats. We'll be on the water for approximately 4 hours per day (afternoons), and we can organize a dog watcher for this time while you are on the water. You will be responsible for any additional charges or fees associated with your service animal. If you do not require your service animal, please come to the Basic Training Camp without them.

Is sailing safe?

  • Yes. 
  • Camp sailboats will have 3 or 4 participants and an on-board coach. The SanJuan 21 keelboat is a great boat to learn on. 
  • The fun factor will be high. 

Can the sailboats accommodate people with disabilities?

  • Yes. 
  • We're partnering with the Disable Sailing Association of Alberta for this event. Their Sonar keelboats easily accommodate people with disabilities. 

What if I like this and want to continue sailing, isn't sailing expensive?

  • The Glenmore Sailing Club has a fleet of Community Sailboats for so there are opportunities for you to continue sailing.
  • There are members The Glenmore Sailing Club has a fleet of Community Sailboats along with the sailboats owned by individuals which will facilitate continued sailing for Warrior Sailing participants.

Call for details or information 403-560-3532.

I am interested in Warrior Sailing!

The Basic Training Camp will use the SanJuan 21 sailboats, like these.

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Our facility is fully wheelchair accessible, including showers in the change rooms.

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