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Rabbit Starts

Boats may use a Rabbit Start when there is no race committee.
  • One boat in a fleet is designated as the "Rabbit"
  • The Rabbit lines up to port of the fleet. All the other boats in the fleet stays to starboard of the Rabbit
  • The Rabbit sails upwind close hauled on port and the other boats in the fleet cross the transom of the Rabbit on starboard.
  • When the last boat in the fleet crosses the Rabbit's transom, but no later than one minute after the first boat crossed the Rabbit's transom, the Rabbit is free to tack onto starboard. 
  • Boats that are windward of the Rabbit and unable to cross behind the Rabbit's transom and boats that did not cross behind the Rabbit's transom before the Rabbit tacked onto starboard, will be considered "OCS" and will be assessed a Scoring Penalty of 20% of the score for Did Not Finish result for that race. This amount shall be added to their , rounded to the nearest whole number (0.5 rounded upward). The scores of other boats shall not be changed; therefore, two boats may receive the same score. However, the penalty shall not cause the boat’s score to be worse than the score for Did Not Finish. (DNF points = # of boats +1)
  • In practice this means in a race of 10 boats, using the low point scoring system, a boat finishing in 5th place that received a Scoring Penalty shall have 5 points + (20% of 11 or 2.2 which rounds down to 2 points) for a total of 7 points.
  • The starting line in a Rabbit Start at GSC is defined as the wake of a close hauled Rabbit

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