Hi. Our summer registrations are not open just yet. The Club is continuing to follow Alberta Health Services and Government of Alberta guidance for our operations.

Here are this summer's Program, Course and Lesson Plans. There is a form on that page you can complete to get notified when registration opens.

We look forward to seeing you on the water this year.

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Pierce Trophy

Pierce Regatta Trophy
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Presented to:
The overall winner of the Pierce Regatta

 Year First Place
Second Place
Third Place
 1960 R. Rarper J. Sommerville R. McBain
 1961 S. Gouthreau R. McBain J. Sommerville
 1962 K. Gall
J. Penny W. McDonnell
 1963 - not awarded -

 1964 Ken Bosma Graham Herbert H. Lever
 1965 Graham Herbert H. Lever Dale Jones
 1966 Martin Herbert / G. Mainland
(tie for first)
  A. Latus
 1967 Martin Herbert Tony Latus Graham Herbert
 1968 G. Mainland Tony Latus Graham Herbert
 1969 Hans Kreuz Martin Herbert G. Sewell
 1970 Graham Herbert Robert Haining H. Lantinga
 1971 Graham Herbert Robert Haining Martin Herbert
 1972 Graham Herbert
W. Davis Graham Alvey
 1973 Hans Kreuz Bob Lewis Martin Herbert
 1974 Hans Kreuz Robert Haining Bill Forsyth
 1975 B. Dunbar Hans Kreuz Rick Stroppel
 1976 Stu Bexton Martin Herbert
Matt Law
 1977 D. Gardner Rick Stroppel P. Mathews
 1978 Martin Herbert Rick Stroppel K. Devey
 1979 Gary Jacques Rick Stroppel Anne Carey
 1980 Martin Herbert Gary Jacques B. Dunbar
 1981 Tom Weestra Gary Jacques K.Sellens
 1982 I. Robertson Robert Haining
Bill Forsyth
 1983 J. Flynn Ray Coffey Stu Bexton
 1984 Fergus Wilmer Robert Haining Ken Been
 1985 Greg Alexander Fergus Wilmer Dick Degner
 1986 Stu Bexton Hamish Ferguson Martin Herbert
 1987 C. DesBrisay Hamish Ferguson Mike Hooper
 1988 Bob Ramsay Mike Hooper J. Bird
 1989 - not awarded -    
 1990 Greg Alexander Dave Stroppel
Ian Visman
 1991 Hamish & Frances Ferguson  
 1992 D. Hughes Doug Kerr

 1993 Dave Stroppel Derwyn Hughes Bill Forsyth
 1994 John Coleman / Skip Cooper Martin Herbert Michael Jeffrey
 1995 Hamish and Frances Ferguson Frank Crawford Steve Blumer
 1996 Matt & Andrew Law Nollind van Bryce & Teresa Bitner Bill Hunt
 1997 Matt & Andrew Law Derwyn Hughes & Julie Toblan Martin Herbert
 1998 Derwyn Hughes & Julie Toblan Chris Lemke & Gregg Ferguson Steve Blumer & Frank Crawford
 1999 Nollind & Teresa van Bryce and Mike Draycott
Peter MacDougall and Anne Hau
Murray Tough and Rupert Holmes-Smith
 2000 Nollind & Teresa van Bryce and Richard Craig
 2001 Dave Stroppel
 2002 Peter MacDougall and Anne Muendermann    
 2003 Rick Stroppel & Kelly Mah
 2004 Rupert Holmes-Smith and Brittany Sargent
 2005 - not awarded -
 2006 Martin Herbert
 2007 Winston Latter & Mike Leitch
 2008 Bill Plaxton
 2009 Dave Stroppel
 2010 Dave Stroppel

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