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The Glenmore Sailing Club is open and running sailing programs while the City of Calgary is working on the dam.

Register now for Youth Summer Sailing Camps.

The sailing area will be impacted by the lower water level (map).

For more information about the project, visit the City of Calgary’s Glenmore Dam Infrastructure Improvement

Helmsman Trophy

Wednesday Night Series Trophy (return to Trophy Summary page)

Presented to:
The winning SanJuan 21 for competition in the annual Wednesday Night Series.

Trophy presented to the Glenmore Sailing Club by Doug Chisholm.

2002 Nollind van Bryce, Teresa van Bryce
2003 Doug Neal, Sue Allyson, Colin Cyr
2004 Nollind van Bryce, Teresa van Bryce, Mark Oshun
2005 Doug Neal, Sue Allyson, Colin Cyr
2006 Nollind van Bryce, Teresa van Bryce, Mark Oshun
2007  Chris Lemke, Robin Faraci
2010  Colin Silkstone, Rowena Robinson
2011 Chris Lemke
2012Colin Silkstone, Rowena Robinson
2013Colin Silkstone, Rowena Robinson
Colin Silkstone, Rowena Robinson
Colin Silkstone, Rowena Robinson
Colin Silkstone, Rowena Robinson, Karen Bell

Club Location:
8601 24 St SW
(South Glenmore Park) - view map

Our facility is fully wheelchair accessible, including showers in the change rooms.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 72107, Glenmore Landing PO
Calgary, Alberta T2V 5H9

Phone: (403) 238-2044

Building and  Maintenance Issues:
Call (403) 803-8201 or email us

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Racing fleets at the club:
SanJuan 21s (website and Facebook)
Fireballs (Fireball Alberta)
Member of:
Sail Canada and the Alberta Sailing Association

Thank you for the Amateur Sport Grant to purchase boats and equipment for our youth sailing program. 

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