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Fall Clean Up and Club Closer

  • October 26, 2019
  • 09:00 - 16:00
  • Glenmore Sailing Club


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The sailing season is done! Time to prep the Club and boats and for winter.

 Club Boat Coordinator:   Neil Hay Cell 403-870-5111


  • Require club members to commit to the various tasks listed above.  Pick a task and sign up for it.
  • Organize that activity and take responsibility (with others) for getting it done.

 Tasks That Need Doing:

 1.  Retrieve Racing Barge -  to be done after fall series is finished (2 people)

-            Contact the boat patrol and work with them to tow in the barge.

-            Make sure the mooring is secure for the winter.  There should be a grey cube float already attached to the barge end of the anchor chain – make sure it will float with the anchor chain attached before letting go.

Do not drop the anchor chain.

-            Contact the tow truck company so they are there to pull out the barge when it arrives at the dock.

-            Tow Truck Contact.  (AAA Towing;  <INSERT NEW CONTACT>– 403-287-9612)

-            Assist tow truck to park barge beside DSA trailer.  Chock wheels with proper wheel chocks.

-            Inspect compartments for leakage and vacuum extract water if necessary.


2.  Retrieve Racing Marks  -  see Task #1  (2 people, same 2 as above)    

-            Work with boat patrol to bring in the marks

-            Store marks and other gear on the barge.

-            Use wagon get marks and anchors up the hill from the dock.


3.  SJ 21 Fleet  (4 people)

-            Demast the boats, and pre-pare for offsite travel.   Ensure mast are supported adequately.   May need to purchase wood, etc. to build supports.

-            Purchase Tarps and Rope to cover boats.   Drape over the supported masts to shed snow and melt/rain water.  

-            Tow to designated locations, as directed by the Club Boat Coordinator. Load up with Bytes, as required.


4.  Optimist Fleet  (6 people,+ recruit juniors)

-            Empty out Optimist shed, clean out and re-arrange, as required

-            As directed by the Coach or Club Boat Coordinator, select boats requiring repair and load up on trailer.

-            Pack all the Opti gear and boats away into the shed

-            Lean the bunks up against the shed.

-            Use wood and nails to securely close the shed door and close up prevent gaps (prevent mice and birds from entering shed)

-            Clean up around the Opti shed – make neat and tidy look for the winter, rake leaves, trim grass, trim trees, pick up garbage, etc.   Weed wack the grass on the souths side of shed.

-            Opti sail to be stored inside the Opti shed.


5.  Lasers / Bytes Fleet  (4 people, +  recruit juniors)

-            Clean out and re-arrange the Laser/Byte shed as required.

-            As directed by the Coach or Club Boat Coordinator, select boats that require repair and load up on trailer.

-            Pack 6 Laser hulls away into the Laser/Byte shed.

-            Take apart and place Laser dolleys and put into the Laser/Byte Shed.

-            Board up and make secure for the winter.

-            Clean up around the shed -  make neat and tidy for the winter, rake leaves, trim grass, trim trees, pick up garbage, etc.   Weed wack the grass near the door of the shed.

-            The remaining Lasers that do not fit into the shed are to be stored upside down on the racks.

-            The Bytes may be stored on the GSC Three Bunk Trailer, or on the racks, depending on space available.

-            All laser sails to go into the shipping container to ensure stay in good condition.

-            All of the foils, spars, etc. are to remain in the Grey Tent.

6.  420 Fleet  (4 people)

-            Clean out and re-arrange the Grey Tent, as required.

-            De-mast each of the C420’s, and store the hull upside down on the C420 rack.  Mast to be placed on the same racks.

-            Any C420 that cannot be stored on the racks to be stored upside down on bunks.

-            Sails to go into the shipping container to ensure they stay in good condition.

-            All of the foils, spars, spin poles, etc. are to remain in the Grey Tent.

5.  29 ERs  (4 Senior Youth)

-            Take the masts down. 

-            Store all of the gear inside the Blue Trailer

-            Sail to go in the Chock wheels with proper wheel chocks, lock ball coupler.


6.  MISC Boats, Trailers, Coach Boats, etc.  (2 people)

-            Get tarps and rope for the Enterprise, RIB and Tinnie.

-            Remove outboard motors and place on stand inside shipping container.

-            Drain fuel from motor.  Store gas can near motor inside shipping container.

-            For the RIB, partially deflate air compartments, and cover with new tarps to prevent UV damage.

-            Park where designated by the Club Boat Coordinator.

-            Tinnie to be flipped over on its trailer so it does not collect water.

-            Enterprise to go to GSB for minor gelcoat repairs.


8.  Clean up Shipping Container  (4 people)

-            Empty container and sweep out or hose out floor.

-            Take unneeded items to the garbage bin.  Lost and found items, anything broken or damaged.

-            Place back items that belong in container and leave a corridor clear for walking to the back.  Do not block access so that things are difficult to retrieve when needed.

-            There must be clear space for the table and table cart.  Front Left hand side.   Tape of a paint lines to designate this space.   Hang a sign on wall.

-            Items to be stored in the shipping container include:

o        Racing Equipment, flags, pins, marks, anchors, etc.

o        BBQ.

o        Ladders and other oversized items.

o        Tool box, hand tools, garden hoses, garden tools, lawn maintenance stuff, etc.

o        Both coach boat motors, and fuel.

o        Sailing spare parts that cannot be stored in Opti or Laser / Byte Shed.  All of the sails to go in the container.

o        Spare Club house tables, chairs, and other oversize or bulky stuff.

-            Use the above list as a guideline, consider storing items not on the above list inside the clubhouse, or elsewhere.

-            Store frequent used items such as chairs and tables closest to the front of the shed for easy access.


9.  Club House Grounds Clean Up  (2 people)

-            Empty plants from deck planters and turn over soil.  Walk around grounds and clean up any garbage\ litter.

-            Clean up under the deck - dig out wood and discard damaged or unneeded boards.  Place in garbage bin.

-            Remove picnic table from deck and store on grass next to the shipping container.  This way they are not conveniently there for the skate-boarders/skiers/tobogganers that seem to make use of them for ramps or landing strips off the roof of the club.   Also, makes it easier for the snow removal crew to keep the deck clear for winter events.  


10.  Club House General Clean Up   (4 people)

-            Pick out trophies for banquet and pack the unused trophies.

-            Pack away unneeded tables & chairs.  Discard any poor quality chairs and place in garbage bin.

-            General tidy up of washrooms and office.  Take a critical look at the cleaning supplies and equipment and discard any unneeded or damage stuff, as necessary.

-            Extra effort to scrub down kitchen to ensure it’s clean.

-            Clean out mechanical room and vacuum (use shop vac) and mop floor.  Note this room should not be used for the routine storage of office equipment, recycling including pop cans, heavy ladders, etc.  It should be kept clear for easy access and to avoid any damage to the mechanical equipment.   Should store shop vacuum only.

-            Remove hose and store in Shipping Container.

-            Remove tacks, stick on hooks, fishing line, etc. from the ceiling.

-            Remove tape and glue residue from the exterior window and doors by using WD 40 followed by degreasing with hot soapy water.


11.  Special Project – Clean Up Near Grey Tent   (4 people)

-            Need shovels, pick axes, rakes, and wheel barrow.

-            There are numerous stumps/roof sticking up near the Grey Tent and the boat ramp.  They are tripping hazards and need to be removed by using shovels and pick axes.

-            Clean up all roots and put in green compost bins.

-            Rent trailer and pick up a load of washed rock from Burnco and spread around Opti Shed, the Grey Tent and towards the ramp.

-            Depending on the progress this could be done on Sunday morning. 


1)       Shop Vacuum c/w filters bags, etc.   Already purchased by Neil Hay.

2)       New Tarps and rope for coach boats, etc.  - Neil Hay to pick up

3)       Coffee/Doughnuts/ Breakfast/ Water Bottles.

4)       Lunch - pizza, pop, beers,

5)       Safety Gear, clean up gear  -  Tim Griggs?

a.       Extra work gloves for volunteers

b.      Box of garbage bags

c.       Course Push broom, dust shovel and hand brush

d.      Hand tools for club? What could we use, the stuff in the tool box is junk and there isn’t much.

6)       Cleaning Supplies - Someone can go out and get what’s needed that day.

7)       Hand Tools, Cordless Drills, Deck Screws, Rakes, etc.  Member to bring stuff they may need depending on tasks.

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