Volunteer Bond / Volunteer Credits

The Volunteer Bond was created to raise funds needed to operate the Club at a sustainable level as we have grown and to encourage volunteer participation and recognition. Some areas of the Club's administration and support has grown to the point where it was not realistic to expect a volunteer to be able to give the amount of time needed. These areas include:

  • Treasury and Bookkeeping Support
  • Property Management and Maintenance
  • Race Committee Support (PRO)
We expect that this additional funding support will allow those who wish to continue volunteering to do so without "burning out", and those who do not wish to volunteer to support us financially.


Events will have online volunteer registration and/or sign-up sheets, and a member of the executive will be responsible for tracking volunteer contributions at each event.

We need members to continue to volunteer! The current budget relies on continued volunteer efforts at current/historic rates. 

We hope the bond will encourage members to sign up in advance, reducing the need to call and ask people to participate.  As a volunteer, you will get plenty of support to learn what you need to do and how it can be done. You will be praised... nay, exulted!


1 volunteer credit = approx 4 hours of volunteer effort. Members who volunteer the equivalent to 1 volunteer credit, will be assigned a $25 credit. A total of four credit ($100) can be assigned per year. Volunteer Opportunities include:

  • Serving on the Club's executive

  • Volunteering for the Spring Clean-up

  • Volunteering for the Fall Clean-up

  • Volunteering for the Midsummer Regatta

  • Volunteering for the Fall Regatta

  • Volunteering for Race Committee on a Wednesday Night

  • Volunteering for Race Committee on a Sunday Afternoon

  • Hosting a Friday Social (volunteering as bartender)

  • Volunteering for the Annual Awards Banquet

Regatta Race Committee positions will be worth 4 volunteer credits (Regatta RC will be 15-20 hours) ... your entire bond!  All you need to do is commit to a weekend.

These credits values can go towards anything GSC runs (workshops, Awards Dinner, Regattas) or your annual membership.

Social Member:

We don't want to discourage new members/people trying to get a sense of what our club is like. We have created a new $50 "Social Membership" that allows holders to eat and drink at the club and to participate in up to three Wednesday/Sunday race events. This new level does not carry a volunteer requirement.

Monitoring & Review:

This is a very new direction for the club. If it does not work to supply the amount of volunteer support required, other options include: (a) raise fees and hire more professionals; (b) scale back our offering; (c) find a way to stimulate more volunteer participation.

The Executive will monitor the success of this program and review it annually.

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