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Myths about Sailing

Myth: Sailing is for the rich

Nope. Most sailboats at the Glenmore Sailing Club cost less than $5,000. When you consider many people own their sailboat for years or decades, the annual cost of a sailboat is very small.

Annual membership in the sailing club is also inexpensive.

Myth: Bigger boats are more expensive than small boats

Nope. People choose to sail dinghies (small) or keelboats (big) for reasons other than cost.

Myth: You have to own a boat to sail

Nope. You can crew on someone else's boat. The Glenmore Sailing Club owns many boats for members to sail. 

This is known as OPB... Other People's Boats. You can sail for your whole life without ever owning a boat.

Myth: I need a bunch of "sailing gear" before I go sailing


Myth: Learning to sail as an adult is hard

Nope. It might even be easier to learn as an adult because you bring a lifetime of experiences to the learning process. Basic sailing is easy to understand and is immediately enjoyable. Learning anything new will have its challenges, but you will learn.

Myth: I need to know how to sail and have lots of experience before I race a sailboat

Nope. Racing is simply sailing with a purpose. Club-level racing is about getting out with friends old and new and getting some BTUs (boat time units).

Myth: Sailing is gender specific

Nope. The skill and abilities required to sail are not gender specific. One of our female club members is the Canadian and USA champion in the Fireball dinghy.

Myth: Sailing is boring

Nope. Being on a sailboat is a thrilling experience. Having an understanding about the principles of what moves a boat and the "rules of the road" makes it even more enjoyable.

It's a mental game played against the wind and water... and other boats when racing.

Myth: You have to be physically fit to sail

Nope. Look at your friends or the people in your office... that is what sailors look like. We're in all sizes and shapes. Some are in wheelchairs.

Youth Sailing Camps

Fun, safe and affordable sailing lessons. 
We offer Sail Canada's CANSail courses taught by Sail Canada accredited instructors.

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Sailing for Scouts
Details and Registration.

Register your group for a three-hour "Introduction to Sailing" course. Scouts earn their Level 1 sailing badge through this course.

Warrior Sailing

Register now for a free three-day learn to sail camp. Open to Active Military and Veterans.

Collegiate Sailing
GSC is supporting university students starting and building student-led sailing clubs. Join other students in establishing Post-Secondary Sailing Clubs in Calgary.

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