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Learn to Sail

Welcome to the sailing community.

It is easy to start sailing and anyone of any age or ability can learn.

Sailing offers adventure, recreation, racing and a supportive community.

Sailing is a perfect activity for everyone who enjoys water sports or outdoor recreation.

Sailing is made up of many individual skills and competencies. Trimming sails, steering a boat, upwind and downwind, light and heavy air, large and small boats... these can be systematically learned and practiced to build a base upon which you can enjoy sailing.

Intermediate skills include VHF radio operation, running a marine engine (inboard or outboard) and marine navigation / chart reading.

We're all about you getting these fundamental skills and being safe while you are out enjoying sailing.

The Glenmore Sailing Club provides access to affordable sailing Education, Recreation, Social Events and Racing for everyone.

Adult Sailing Lessons
  • Start Keelboat Sailing lessons - learn in a small group setting of 2 - 4 people with an onboard sailing instructor.
  • Keelboat Spinnaker - expand your sailing skills with the beauty of downwind sailing under a colourful spinnaker.
  • Private lessons - identify what you want to learn, get out on the water and experience it.

Ashore Theory

Youth Sailing Lessons

    Keep sailing after your lessons

    • The Club has boats for members - you don't need to own a boat to sail with us.
    • We have a large network of people sailing locally, in the Okanagan, on the west coast and beyond so if you were looking to sail elsewhere, we might be able to assist you with finding a crew spot.
    • There's our free Crew list for our local racing series (and yes, anyone can join a crew on a racing oat... many people get their first experiences as crew on a racing boat).
    See you on the water and at the Club!

    Give the gift of sailing

    Delight someone with an opportunity to experience sailing

    A sailing adventure with an experienced skipper, a group or private lesson or an evening out for Women, WInd and Wine or Boys, Boats and Beers.

    Youth Sailing Camps

    Fun, safe and affordable sailing lessons. 
    We offer CANSail courses taught by Sail Canada accredited instructors.

    The Club's CANSail programs are a “Recognized Training Program” by World Sailing. Read more

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    Adult Sailing Lessons
    Start Keelboat Sailing
    Experience Sailing. No experience necessary.

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    Women, Wind and Wine

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    Club Location:
    8601 24 St SW
    (South Glenmore Park) - view map

    The Club is fully wheelchair accessible.

    Mailing Address:
    Box 72107, Glenmore Landing PO
    Calgary, Alberta T2V 5H9

    GST #88037 2875 RT0001

    Connect with us:
    Contact the Board

    Phone: (403) 238-2044

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    Community Sport Partner

    Member of the following:

    Sail Canada
    Alberta Sailing Association 

    Donate to Youth Sailing

    Our youth sailing program  charitable donations are generously managed by
    Parks Foundation Calgary.

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    Our thanks for their support!

    Thank you for the grant to purchase boats and equipment for our youth sailing programs.

    Thank you for the Amateur Sport Grant to purchase boats and equipment for our youth sailing programs. 

    Thank you for your support

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