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Co-op Boat Usage Agreement / Release and Waiver

The co-op boats serve many members and programs during the season. Your active engagement in the care and correct use of the co-op boats is essential. They will withstand a lot of use, but no abuse. 

Co-op Boat Usage Details

  • $200 per person using the co-op boats - members can pay the annual access fee for the co-op boats (note: with family memberships each person sailing co-op boats shall pay this annual fee).
  • Only those who have paid the fee shall be on the co-op boats for Wednesday Night Racing and regattas.
  • A Member who has paid the annual co-op boat fee may take one or more Guests out for recreational sailing. A Guest may join a Member on a Co-op Boat up to two times after which the Guest shall become become a Member to continue enjoying the Co-op Boats. 
  • Guests shall sign a waiver prior to getting onto a co-op boat. Any member who fails to get a signed waiver from their guest personally accepts their Guest's risks and liabilities.
  • Boats shall be sailed with the minimum and maximum number of people onboard
    • Byte / Laser (other dinghies typically sailed by one person) - 1 person - no guests
    • 420 - 2 people only - 1 guest
    • Kolibri - 2 people only - 1 guest
    • Enterprise - 3 people max - 2 guests
    • 29er - members only, no guests
    • SanJuan 21 - 4 people max - 3 guests
  • Co-op boats are available for use on the Glenmore Reservoir when the City of Calgary Boat Patrol is operating and on the water.
  • Co-op boats shall not be sailed in winds greater than 25 km/hr unless for training purposes / Club activities with a GSC coach / instructor present. If required, the Club will use data from this website to verify winds from a previous day / time.
  • Members shall launch / retrieve the boat they are using.
  • Members shall ensure equipment storage areas are locked when unattended.
  • Youth under the age of 18 shall be supervised by an adult when using a co-op boat.
  • Co-op boat usage shall be booked by phone or email through the Club Manager. Usage without reservation may conflict with another user of club program. There are no defined time slots , co-op boats may be booked for the duration of time you would like to sail.
  • Members accessing the co-op boats shall have a mandatory orientation for each type of boat before sailing it. Orientations are for the rigging and storage of that type of co-op boat. It is essential boats be rigged, derigged and stored consistently and correctly. The next member will appreciate it, and so will you the next time you go sailing. 
  • Members shall complete the Boat Inspection checklist before and after sailing - defects, missing equipment and damage shall be reported to the Club Manager prior to sailing. Normal wear and tear, or minor damage incidental to normal sailing, is not charged to you.
  • Members are responsible for the care and maintenance of the Club's co-op boats as if it were their own and are responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement for losses or damages. For minor repairs or missing items, you may be asked by the Club Boat Coordinator or the Club Manager to fix or replace items, or pick up parts at approved stores and repair.
  • If for any reason the boat is not operational at the end of your sail, please phone the Club Manager as soon as possible.
  • CANSail 2 (or equivalent experience) is required to helm a co-op dinghy. A Skipper course / Basic Cruising Standard (or equivalent experience) is required to helm a co-op keelboat. Proof of education / experience or a practical sailing test may be asked of any member before any co-op boat may be used.
  • Members who do not have training / experience to helm a co-op boat may crew on the co-op boats.
  • There is no fee for members to use the Club's co-op Optimists.
  • Co-op boats may be used by the Club to support education, an event, racing or other activity and shall be unavailable for members not participating in the same. These include but are not limited to Youth Training or Sailing Camps, Wednesday Night Racing, Regattas, Community Sailing Events, etc.
  • The Club may choose to move a co-op boat to another lake for training, racing or other purposes.
  • Co-op boat usage is on a first reserved basis during general access times.
  • The Club reserves the right to cancel a member's co-op boat usage for the balance of the season with cause and without refund of the co-op boat usage fee.

  • Members shall abide by all City of Calgary Bylaws, including wearing a life jacket at all times on the water and docks.

  • This agreement may be edited from time to time. The current version of this agreement shall be in effect for all members using co-op boats.

    Release and Waiver

    In consideration of the Glenmore Sailing Club allowing me to use the Club's sailboat(s) and sailing equipment and facilities and/or participate in its programs, I acknowledge and agree that the sport of sailing is a potentially hazardous activity which may result in physical or emotional injury, or death.  I acknowledge and agree that I should not participate in the sport unless I am medically able, properly trained and competent in the sport of sailing and I hereby represent and warrant to the Glenmore Sailing Club that I am medically able, properly trained and competent, and that I will wear appropriate equipment including a personal flotation device at all times while on the dock or on the water.

    I assume any and all risks and liabilities associated with participating in the sport of sailing and using Club equipment or facilities in connection with such participation, whether racing or not, including, but not limited to, physical or emotional personal injury or death, the effects of inclement weather, failure of equipment, defective equipment, and damage to my personal property or that of others, all such risks being acknowledged and appreciated by me and I agree to indemnify and save harmless the Glenmore Sailing club and all of its officials, employees and volunteers assisting to provide this service (the "Indemnitees") in respect of any and all claims, losses, liabilities, foreseen or unforeseen, arising out of, or in the course of my participation in the sport of sailing or use of club equipment or facilities in connection with such participation other than as a result of the gross negligence of the Indemnitees.  

    Furthermore, I hereby, for myself and anyone else who might claim on my behalf, covenant not to sue, and waive, release, and discharge the Indemnitees from and against any and all claims, foreseen or unforeseen, arising out of, or in the course of my participation in the sport of sailing or use of club equipment or facilities in connection with such participation other than as a result of the gross negligence of the Indemnitees.

    I hereby acknowledge having read this Release and Waiver and accept its terms and conditions. In the case of sailors under the age of 18, the sailor's parent or guardian agrees to this Release and Waiver, such parent or guardian accepts the foregoing terms and conditions in his or her own right as well as on behalf of the sailor.

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    The Club is fully wheelchair accessible.

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    Phone: (403) 238-2044

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